Tuesday, March 25, 2008


let me just say, Im extremally pissed of with my family, each night I clean the kitchen, put the dishwasher, on sweep the floor and pick up anything on the floor and return it to who ever owns it. and every morning I get up and over night the gremlins have destoyed my house and quite frankly Im sick of it so today Iv done nothing, I have bought a packet of Allens snakes and Im going to my scrap room and not coming in until I pick the rugrats up from school. If they want to live in a pig sty, they can as Im sick of being a slave well thats my rant for the day, I just had to get it of my chest lol

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Krissy C said...

I have gremlins in my house too Tam LOL I think they have a party every night when I go to bed! Enjoy your snakes and scrapping!

Krissy xx