Tuesday, March 25, 2008


well it was a quite but busy easter here in the partidge house hold I dont' remember friday as it was just a normal friday but with the kids at home. saturday ray worked in the morning and then headed to Tamworth, we dropped the kids at the MIL and we went to visit my aunt who is in hospital and not very well, she is suffering a heart problem and even to walk 10 feet she needs the oxygen so at this stage she may be transfered to New Castle and she is shaking a lot more than usual and there was talk of parkensons desease, after leaving her we did the bunny shopping and home late sunday the kids were up early and chocolate for breakfast lol and after getting up and relizing Laura had sat a plastic plate on a hot plate and my house became a bomb site over nite I got pissed of and went to my scrap room for the day finished one LO and culled and cleaned so fiddle assed a bout for the day and ate lollies AND I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHY MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY AS EGGS ARE ON SUNDAY Im sure its only to annoy mothers and put me out of routine

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