Thursday, August 7, 2008

my LO

and this is my LO I have created for the sketch blog for this wk

sketch challenge

this is my sketch which has been created by Liz and turned into a digi sketch it is the august challenge for Crafting In Style so pop and and have a go

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

scrapboutique scrapolymics

starting the 4th July scrapboutique has a new compititon starting and its going to be a lot of fun, so come and join in as its a wonderful site with beautiful ladies to chat to, the comp starts by registrating you chosen country and so far we have over 30 countries represented, the boss lady is Chels and here Design team is Kate and Liz and they dont bite so come and join in :) my chosen country is Fiji

Im a slacko

hi all, well its afficial Im a slacko, lol it would help if I was to up date more often I know but there is a thing called life lol and yes the kids have a better social life than I do or should I say they have one and I dont' my social life consist of my scrapping friends and the chatting I do and would so miss if it wasn't for the wonderful world of the net. see nothing to report so this is going to be s short one and will pop back later to up date my scrapping antics lol

Monday, March 31, 2008

slide show

any suggestions on how to get my slide show of photos to stay up and move it to the top would be great and bloody terific as its driving me crazy lol trying to work it out and as I now have a head ache Im over it and going to bed so good nite all

Sunday, March 30, 2008

scrap wk end away

well what can I say, IT WAS A BLAST lol bloody fantastic, the food, chatting and shopping and not to mention scrappin there was about 18 of us and 15 of whom stayed at the local motel, I shared with Vicky and Sam so thanks girls for not snoring my partner in crime at the retreat was Bev and as I know she will read this I better not say anything nasty, :) he he he honestly she was great fun and I thinke we picked on each other and help out all wk end so thank to Bev for some fun company and a BIG THANKYOU to Katie for organising the wk end and we cant wait until the next one I completed 7 LO two of which need finishing and papered and stuck photo down in two mini albums so Im happy Id name all the girls but to many so to all that attened the wk end thankyou for great company and some great laughs

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


let me just say, Im extremally pissed of with my family, each night I clean the kitchen, put the dishwasher, on sweep the floor and pick up anything on the floor and return it to who ever owns it. and every morning I get up and over night the gremlins have destoyed my house and quite frankly Im sick of it so today Iv done nothing, I have bought a packet of Allens snakes and Im going to my scrap room and not coming in until I pick the rugrats up from school. If they want to live in a pig sty, they can as Im sick of being a slave well thats my rant for the day, I just had to get it of my chest lol


well it was a quite but busy easter here in the partidge house hold I dont' remember friday as it was just a normal friday but with the kids at home. saturday ray worked in the morning and then headed to Tamworth, we dropped the kids at the MIL and we went to visit my aunt who is in hospital and not very well, she is suffering a heart problem and even to walk 10 feet she needs the oxygen so at this stage she may be transfered to New Castle and she is shaking a lot more than usual and there was talk of parkensons desease, after leaving her we did the bunny shopping and home late sunday the kids were up early and chocolate for breakfast lol and after getting up and relizing Laura had sat a plastic plate on a hot plate and my house became a bomb site over nite I got pissed of and went to my scrap room for the day finished one LO and culled and cleaned so fiddle assed a bout for the day and ate lollies AND I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHY MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY AS EGGS ARE ON SUNDAY Im sure its only to annoy mothers and put me out of routine

Monday, March 3, 2008

crafing in style news

hi girls just a little note of whats happening over at crafting in style as you will know Jolene has sold to become a fultime mummy and she also has just joined the paper trunk team so congrats and have a world of fun on other news the new shop is fantastic and the is a 20% of patterned paper and lots of new CHA stuff coming ant at present we have: 1. march photoshop lessons 2. this months dare 4 challenge so pop into the design blog and take a look 3. march sketch challenge so pop into the sketch blog and you will find it in there or take a sticky at my LO "all my love" as that is the challenge and you will love the prize lol 4.there is also a new challenge to do with blogs so pop into the forum and take a gander lol and there is monthly prizes and a huge prize at the end 5. the march monthly packs are also out and as usual the gorgeous 6. ans our monthly CC is on the 14th march and is called chocolicious so if you love chocolate then come join us thats about it at this time that I can think of so if you looking for something new pop in and join but dont for get that you need to register for the shop, forum and gallery seperatley and girls you won't be dissapointed as you will meet the nicest girls from all over australia

Sunday, March 2, 2008

its been a while

well it has been a little while sice I updated my blog, but life has been busy lol crafting in style is still a great part of my life and loving it with challenges, CCs and lessons in life we have been to new castle with Abby and Kade, Abby is back on ritalin for 6mths and as kade isn't 6yr old yet he is unable to be diognosed but both he and abby are on catapres for calming them down so lots of homework and we go back in august so hopefully by then Kade will have some sort of diognoses and we can get on with life his teacher who in her eyes he can do no wrong, well that changed last thursday with a huge tanty after the assembly, I say YEAH LOL its about time well for the moment thats about it from me will update a few other thing later

Monday, January 21, 2008

CIS News

I would like to invite everyone over to Crafting in Style for a visit and a new store, as Jolene has sold up to be a fultime mum (good luck in your new adventure) the store is now owned by Ally Payne from Tassie and the new shop is awsome :) the forum and gallery are the same with some new inclusion but very good ones, and the link to the new shop in under shop and Jolenes shop is under CIS clearance there is also new DT members and a new sketch blog DT as well we have new comps and photoshop lessons as well as our fantasic monthly packs and our monthly CCs so I urge every one to come visit and join in on the fun

Iv returned lol

ok ok now dont fall of your seat but I have changed my passwords and now adding to my blog (and a big thankyou to Leone for helping me) well not much is happening except Im so ready for school to go back, the kids are fighting like cat and dog on the up side, Kade and Logan each got a pet over the wk end of a cute very fluffy miniture rabbit by the name of Elly and a guinee pig by the name of buddy and Ray purchase was 25 sheep and I nothing lol but I can wait for my cattle xmas and new yr was very quite but great as it was just family and lots of grog and yunk food