Wednesday, December 26, 2007

shopping with kids

ok if anyone hears me say Im taking my kids shopping hit me very hard across the head literally, as thats what I did today, after hubby saying last night to get a baby sitter and me saying no it will be right as I was shopping for them but OMG THEY WERE THE WORST BEHAVED KIDS ON EARTH they mucked up so badly and you would have thought I would have learned my lesson by now but NOOOOOO I took them shopping and was home by 1pm and have not done a thing since but yell and scream at kids, they have been so of that Im over them and am looking forward to bed time BRING ON 7PM


well its over for another year and I can say thankgod for that as christmas this yr wasn't what I was expecting don't get me wrong the day it self was nice and quite with no visitors and the kids had fun with there gifts, stereos, camera train sets and a new laptop was on the egenda this yr with a cricket set, basket ball hoop and ball and a kids dart set seen the kids out side for the day my darling husband gave me a new hand bag, a double love heart nose bar and a new eternity ring with diamonds and saphire love hearts lots of grog and crap to eat made for a relaxed day but what did hamper it was the fact my sister is still waiting on results of breast cancer and the wait is until the new yr so still waiting