Monday, January 31, 2011

my 3rd Lo for 2011
another challenge from scrapboutique
my word for 2011 and challenge for scrapboutique

long time between posts

Im baaaack .......................................... finally well a lot has happened for the Partridge family in the last 12mths we sold our house in Nov of 09 but it didnt settle until march of 2010. so a big decision and one truck, one ute and trailer and one wagon and a boat, plus 4 kid a dog and two budgies and made the biggest decision of our lives and moved from a tree change to the Coffs Coast All our belonging was put into storage and we moved into a caravan park and tent 2 wks and then we had to move out as it was the school holidays so we moved in with my sister and family for 2 wks, NOT THE GREAT CHOICE IN THE WORLD. Then back to the caravan park and back in a tent; mean while trying to get kids into school which became a battle in it self. so about 3 wks later we bought our selves a caravan 24 footer and move into it the kids started school finally after getting the dept of education involved and the started wk 6 of second term. after nearly 6 months living in a caravan we were over it lol so finally rented a house at Corindi Beach and settled into life. Ray working and kids in school we leased the house until Dec 2010 and then found a gorgeous realestate agent who help us find a house in coffs to rent to which we did so on dec 10, 2010 we moved into Coffs Harbour 1km from the centre of town we are still settling in and it looks like a bomb has hit but we are still waiting for a shed and my poor scrapping has suffered badly oh and I bought my self a new lappy late last yr so hopefully no more hassle in that department so bring on 2011 and lets hope it is better than the last couple of yrs