Sunday, March 2, 2008

its been a while

well it has been a little while sice I updated my blog, but life has been busy lol crafting in style is still a great part of my life and loving it with challenges, CCs and lessons in life we have been to new castle with Abby and Kade, Abby is back on ritalin for 6mths and as kade isn't 6yr old yet he is unable to be diognosed but both he and abby are on catapres for calming them down so lots of homework and we go back in august so hopefully by then Kade will have some sort of diognoses and we can get on with life his teacher who in her eyes he can do no wrong, well that changed last thursday with a huge tanty after the assembly, I say YEAH LOL its about time well for the moment thats about it from me will update a few other thing later

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