Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new year and a new image

well I thought seeing its a new yr I would prouse up my blog and give it a revamp. so come on over and have a sticky and let me know what you think. there was another one I liked but you couldn't see the writting lol
this is a photo challenge of bluring the background and love this photo of Logan
another photo challenge and this one is of Kade, but he wasn't very co-operative

Saturday, January 24, 2009

hi all, well after seeing a friend today who informed me I need to update my blog well Lisa mmmwah here is is lovely lol. And I have been trying to update weekly so thanks to my friends who remind me if I don't, your wish is my command lol. we spent the day in Tamworth roaming the streets of country music, it was very hot and a lot of walking with 4 kids but a good day with having lunch at my MILs and seeing Lisa's little one (he is gorgeous) I now with a massive headache, Ray is of shooting with mates, kids are sound and Im nearly there my self so till next time cheers girls oh IM cybacropping it this wk end, that is if I ever get out to my room and scrap lol if you would like to join it is at Scrapboutique and starting tuesday Bons is have there Cybacrop as well

Thursday, January 15, 2009

of to the coast

we are of to the coast this wk end for my baby brothers (Mark) 40th birthday, we are of tomorrow morning and home sunday. so hoping it isn't to hot but thankfully we stay at my sisters and she has a pool which the kids live in. lol Im hoping to get lots of photo to do a memory board for my Mark as a birthday present. so see everyone sunday when we get home and dont miss me to much lmao

what new in the house hold

well a lot actually lol, Ray has been offered a job but no detail at this stage, all I can say is its a BIG job which he would have to employ at least 3 to 4 guys and could take over 10 wks so will keep you updated I am trying to update on a regular basis but it would have helped if I had some new LOs lol I have a stack but havent had time to upload (slack I know) on the kid front I had Abby sick monday and Kade sick today so a 24hr thing Abby has been really of as of late so not sure what she is eating as she is still on her Meds Kade is just as bad but a typical boy really except for the swearing and it doen't help when the kids stir him I have Abby, Kade and Laura booked into Dr Banna in Feb Kade has to be assessed (sp) for his reading and it remains to be seen if he will ever be able to read but god I hope so and Im hoping Laura's microchefally (sp) hasn't caused to much damage now that she is older :( me well I have desided it is time to loose weight so I have been walking up to 5 days a wk and lost 1 kg last wk but am buying electronic scales this wk end so hoping to loose 20kg by the 1st Jan next yr lol thats about it at the moment so chat again soon

Friday, January 9, 2009



scrapboutique CC

For Keeps elite and exellence LOs

well the 5 Lo below are what I entered for; For Keeps elite and exellence but didn't get excepted, I love them all the same and was frilled I actually entered them. they are all my origanal ideas and even stepped out of my box on a couple of them

tree monkey



no Angel

the master piece

this is my very 1st LO for scap the boys and I have used Bons boy monthly pk
this is my LO I did for Bons colour challenge in blue and black, and I have use Tim Holtz's new mask
this is a LO I did for Bons CC

El Slacko hear

yes I know, now don't go fainting on me or anything and yes I also know its been awhile so from now (if I remember) I will up date fridays and a thankyou from Lisa telling me to update and very surprised I didn't get a ribbing from Krissy or Liz lol but alls good and will really try and update a bit more frequantally. PINKY PROMISE