Wednesday, December 26, 2007

shopping with kids

ok if anyone hears me say Im taking my kids shopping hit me very hard across the head literally, as thats what I did today, after hubby saying last night to get a baby sitter and me saying no it will be right as I was shopping for them but OMG THEY WERE THE WORST BEHAVED KIDS ON EARTH they mucked up so badly and you would have thought I would have learned my lesson by now but NOOOOOO I took them shopping and was home by 1pm and have not done a thing since but yell and scream at kids, they have been so of that Im over them and am looking forward to bed time BRING ON 7PM


well its over for another year and I can say thankgod for that as christmas this yr wasn't what I was expecting don't get me wrong the day it self was nice and quite with no visitors and the kids had fun with there gifts, stereos, camera train sets and a new laptop was on the egenda this yr with a cricket set, basket ball hoop and ball and a kids dart set seen the kids out side for the day my darling husband gave me a new hand bag, a double love heart nose bar and a new eternity ring with diamonds and saphire love hearts lots of grog and crap to eat made for a relaxed day but what did hamper it was the fact my sister is still waiting on results of breast cancer and the wait is until the new yr so still waiting

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Exciting News

guess what, guess what, My self and Terri, Nae and Marni have all been selected to be on the sketch blog design team. this is all through Crafting in Style, and I am so happy and excited that I jumped up and down when I found out and couldn't say anything for a whole day lmao, you have no idea how hard it was to not say anything so to see what we are up to please log onto crafting in Style and go the the sketch blog site you will be surprised and its fun so have a peek and you will find some new friends

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

update news

just letting everyone know that I now have a new blog for my new business called Brides2B Wed and its on the same link as scrap shak so playing so sorry about any booboo's that may arise LOL see you around the trap, oh if you know of any brides that need a helping hand; pass them my way

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big News

as some will no I have decided to put my certificates and diploma to use and become a wedding planner; have a ABN no. and have registed my name; it is drum role please......... Brides2B Wed, Wedding Planner Weddings of your Dreams I am trade marking my name so that way no one can pinch it and I can work australia wide if the rain ever goes away I will be taking photoes for a wedding album to show brides what is available and will make up a collage to make my own business cards have ordered a business card holder as I have a lot on suppliers and have purchased some wedding manuals and books and I have spoken to a few people and at the next Uralla Wedding Group meeting I will actually be able to join lol I have always gone as a wanta be but now am a am be lmao also going to put an add in a magazine called focus and going to put one in a wedding album called white which covers the hunter, newcastle, port macquarie, coffs coast and lismore and up the coast still tossing up on what to charge and Im thinking an hourly basis might be the was to go Im very excited and can't wait for a bride to put there trust in me have also applied for a few jobs so tossing up on what to do there as we don't have child care here so holidays will be a pain

Scrappin News

it been a little while since I posted so here goes............. I had a fantastic time as a DT member on crafting in style and would like to thank Jolene for giving me the opportunity to show what I can do I have also created a LO for the sketch blog comp which ends on the 15th so fingers crossed for that and congrats to Liz on her new postition on the blog; yeh girl I also attended the paper craft festival in sydney with Katie and Louise; had a fantastic wk end, we left at 3am Friday morning and returned home at 10pm sunday night what more could a girl ask for; a wk end with great friends, classes with a great teacher and spent money on scrap supplies Im getting pages done which Im happy about; but I miss my OTP so going to start doing some for xmas presants there is a CC tonight the the 9th nov and can't wait I think thats about it on the scap side of things; just loving scrappin at present

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the fun Im having

I just want to say I'M having the best time as guest DT on crafting in style and I invite all my friends to come along and have look, I have some LO that I'm very proud of but you will have to wait to see them I'm entering LO to mags but as yet no reply, I'm not giving up though now a little bit of what is happening on the site 1. I have a challenge on CIS of blue and brown and one photo so come along and have a looksy, and as yet; no I don't' have a LO for this up, but it is coming 2. I'm also helping out with all the CISters to make the forum more active 3. I'm leaving comment in the gallery 4. a new comp is starting next month, a hint, photoshop is involved 5. plus Lizzies challenges to get us thinking there is 3 all up and this month there is a LO using felt and a LO of a lifes love and then a progressive LO which isn't as easy as it sounds 6. some of the most gorgeous monthly pks that CIS has, this month being smoken red hot and the most gorgeous pp 7.and all the classes that are happening a bright and beautiful, a pet LO class and a christmas class is coming to so it full of activity and I urge my friends to come and have a look, you wont' be disappointed

Thursday, October 4, 2007

guest DT

Im very excited to say I am Crafting in Styles guest DT for October and to make it even more special is that CIS is turning one on sunday the 7th I have a challenge up of - brown and blue CS and/or PP - strip journalling - one photo of any size I also ran a game of word scrabble which was a lot of fun - winner Karen(birthday girl), prize was a Rachel Axton - Romani Silouette second place was Ali - prize donated by me of a bella pack please come and check out what else I will be doing during the months end and thankyou Jolene (boss lady) for giving me this opportunity

big news

crafting in style is turning 1 and it time to celebrate, we start our CC tonight and will run until sunday night so Im inviting all of my friends and anyone else to come and join there are free classes running and they are free technique step by step laminated modge podge mini album - by Jolene (boss lady) transparent card workshop - by Liz (the chatterbox queen) online birthday card class, sat 6th Oct - by Renae (a home girl) Cyba Crop friday 5th October until 7th October - there will be challenges, bingo and games so come along and have fun Crafting In Style also celebrates turning one on Sunday the 7th and the shop has a huge discount happening (all info on this in the forum) lol so to get these great discount and to have fun come and join now

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my fairy name

Your fairy is called Buttercup Goblindancer
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow.
She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.
She wears bright clover green. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.
Get your own fairy name here!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

blog overview

its been a while since I uploaded or update my blog so after Meg telling me it was time lol I am finally get around to it, some new LOs and updated info for all, its done so later I will take photos of my Los I did on the wk end and upload those and some new ones on my slide show so it is all a slow process and will get to it but as my washing is calling me I better get back to it so for now and those browsing I will add more on a regular basis, PROMISE lmao love to all for now and enjoy your wk

wk end retreat

hi all, well now back to reality as our wk end retreat is over, it was a fantastic wk end and a big thank you to Lisa for organising it and a big thank you to the girls who made it fun and all the sponsors for there donations. our wk end started on Friday the 24th Aug and Karen and I got away at around 12.30, so after a bit of shopping at spotlight and big W, we headed out to Lake Keepit, Friday night was a bit of a slow one so I had to go and find Mr mojo as he got lost so after finding him and a few drink and two pages later we headed to bed at around 3am in the morning lol Saturday was a bit more producting with some more shopping and browsing at what other girls were doing another late night and a few more drinks and lots of laughter we headed to bed at 1am Sunday was when the groove and mojo really started to get moving and by 2pm I didn't want to go home but sadly come 3.30 it was time to pack up and amazingly everything went back in the way it was we packed it in the first place place so with good byes and tooting of horns we all headed of we arrived home at 6pm and reality was again apart of our lives and did not sit down again until 8pm as the hubby is still sick with the flu (another story)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007