Sunday, August 26, 2007

wk end retreat

hi all, well now back to reality as our wk end retreat is over, it was a fantastic wk end and a big thank you to Lisa for organising it and a big thank you to the girls who made it fun and all the sponsors for there donations. our wk end started on Friday the 24th Aug and Karen and I got away at around 12.30, so after a bit of shopping at spotlight and big W, we headed out to Lake Keepit, Friday night was a bit of a slow one so I had to go and find Mr mojo as he got lost so after finding him and a few drink and two pages later we headed to bed at around 3am in the morning lol Saturday was a bit more producting with some more shopping and browsing at what other girls were doing another late night and a few more drinks and lots of laughter we headed to bed at 1am Sunday was when the groove and mojo really started to get moving and by 2pm I didn't want to go home but sadly come 3.30 it was time to pack up and amazingly everything went back in the way it was we packed it in the first place place so with good byes and tooting of horns we all headed of we arrived home at 6pm and reality was again apart of our lives and did not sit down again until 8pm as the hubby is still sick with the flu (another story)

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