Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big News

as some will no I have decided to put my certificates and diploma to use and become a wedding planner; have a ABN no. and have registed my name; it is drum role please......... Brides2B Wed, Wedding Planner Weddings of your Dreams I am trade marking my name so that way no one can pinch it and I can work australia wide if the rain ever goes away I will be taking photoes for a wedding album to show brides what is available and will make up a collage to make my own business cards have ordered a business card holder as I have a lot on suppliers and have purchased some wedding manuals and books and I have spoken to a few people and at the next Uralla Wedding Group meeting I will actually be able to join lol I have always gone as a wanta be but now am a am be lmao also going to put an add in a magazine called focus and going to put one in a wedding album called white which covers the hunter, newcastle, port macquarie, coffs coast and lismore and up the coast still tossing up on what to charge and Im thinking an hourly basis might be the was to go Im very excited and can't wait for a bride to put there trust in me have also applied for a few jobs so tossing up on what to do there as we don't have child care here so holidays will be a pain

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