Thursday, January 15, 2009

what new in the house hold

well a lot actually lol, Ray has been offered a job but no detail at this stage, all I can say is its a BIG job which he would have to employ at least 3 to 4 guys and could take over 10 wks so will keep you updated I am trying to update on a regular basis but it would have helped if I had some new LOs lol I have a stack but havent had time to upload (slack I know) on the kid front I had Abby sick monday and Kade sick today so a 24hr thing Abby has been really of as of late so not sure what she is eating as she is still on her Meds Kade is just as bad but a typical boy really except for the swearing and it doen't help when the kids stir him I have Abby, Kade and Laura booked into Dr Banna in Feb Kade has to be assessed (sp) for his reading and it remains to be seen if he will ever be able to read but god I hope so and Im hoping Laura's microchefally (sp) hasn't caused to much damage now that she is older :( me well I have desided it is time to loose weight so I have been walking up to 5 days a wk and lost 1 kg last wk but am buying electronic scales this wk end so hoping to loose 20kg by the 1st Jan next yr lol thats about it at the moment so chat again soon

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